DNA Data management that puts you in a good mood.

DNA thinks and works like a designer by creating space for new creative output, encouraging networking with coworkers, and rejecting errors, time-wasters and monotony in data management.

Manage complex data quickly and easily with DNA.

DNA is a digital tool for designers in vehicle development that makes it easy to find, upload and share image and video data, VR scenes and Office documents. Even more: it opens up new spaces and provides a creative work atmosphere. Because it knows how designers think. DNA turns a dusty data archive into a daily digital companion that really puts you in a good mood.

Bye bye complexity.
Welcome simplicity.

As extensive as a database. As simple as an app.

Search for specific data, find it in seconds. Or simply browse and be inspired. The intuitive, playful and pleasant usability enables a quick sense of achievement and strengthens the entire design process through the exchange of ideas and creative solutions.

  • Served filtered and sorted:
    the light table as a workspace

  • K.o.?
    Be OK with AI.

  • What's that thing called again?
    Don't rack your brain, use search synonyms.

  • Found it good?
    Share it well.

All the vehicle data.
German, English, gendered.
Digitally available 24/7.
With DNA.

Large Images. Friendly WORDS. Lots of FUNCTIONS.

The central workspace of the DNA is the "light table". From here, all data can be tracked down, bundled and shared in miniature view by freely searching, sorting or selecting certain facets. Specialist knowledge is not necessary, because the system automatically fulfils security and confidentiality requirements and deliberately uses loose language. AI additionally helps with the data search.